Garage Floor Concrete Repair in Minnesota

Standard garage floors take a beating, especially in Minnesota where they have to endure harsh weather conditions. After a couple of years, most garage floors will become stained, cracked, or otherwise damaged. If you’re in need of garage floor concrete repair in Minnesota, we’re here to help with one day installations, expert service, great cost, and a great product.

We have a few options for repairing your garage floor, and the right choice for you can vary depending on several factors.


Garage Floor Concrete Repair Options

We can seal your garage floor to add additional strength, eliminate cracks, and cover up stains. This is a fast process that beautifies your concrete floor and helps add future durability.

While this can be less expensive, it oftentimes isn’t ideal for old garage floors (older than ~15 years) that may have excess heaving from major temperature shifts. While the seal will still repair the obvious damages to your garage concrete floor, there may be some underlying damage that will reduce the longevity of seals.

If your garage floor is significantly damaged or old, a garage floor replacement may be a better option.


Garage Floor Concrete Replacement

We’ve been replacing worn out garage floors since 1985, and are an expert garage floor replacement company. Our garage floor coating system is centered around a hands-on approach where our expert garage floor coating team installs a beautiful and durable garage floor using the best concrete coating materials available.

One big reason to choose CCS and invest in the best garage floor coating system is because our services are backed by a lifetime warranty on our products and installation. Other key reasons to choose a garage flooring coating system from CCS includes:

  • Easy to Maintain – After repairing your garage floor concrete, you won’t need to constantly upkeep it in order to protect the same damage from happening. Our garage floor coating system only requires an occasional rinse with water and a quick squeegee application to dry, and your garage floor is good to go for quite some time.
  • Resistant Material – The materials used in our garage floor coating system are resistant to chemicals such as oils, salt, sand, etc., making it easy to get rid of stains that may arise. This also protects it from cracks and scratches that may have damaged your current garage floor.
  • Quick Application – The overall garage floor coating system installation process is quick and stress free. Your garage floor will be able to be walked on the day after installation and driven on just 24 hours later.


Garage Floor Concrete Repair Example

We generally use a Polyurea floor coating for garages, and have seen incredible success. We’re so confident in our system that we offer a lifetime warranty with new concrete floor installations.

If you’re needing a new garage floor, give us a call at 952-469-6496. You can also easily request a quote online.