Protecting and Beautifying
Concrete Since 1985

If you have a garage, shop or warehouse floor, old or new, that is pitted, spalled or stained with vehicle fluids, Concrete Coating Systems (CCS) is perfect for you. This system can also provide a solution to imperfections that are sometimes associated with a concrete surface. Once applied, it also protects the floor from salt, sand, and vehicle fluids.

Concrete Coating Systems has been coating and restoring concrete since 1985. We as owners and installers maintain a hands on approach to every job, large or small, to ensure you receive quality product that fits your needs. All services include a lifetime warranty on product and installation.

Easy to Maintain

An occasional rinse with water followed by a squeegee provided by CCS is all that’s needed to maintain your floor.

Quick Cure

CCS cures quickly.  Installation takes 1-3 days.  Typically, the surface can be walked on the day after installation and 24 hours for vehicle traffic.

Chemical Resistance

Household chemicals, oil, salt, sand, etc. will not harm the surface, and stains can be easily removed.

Slip Resistant Concrete

Slip resistant material is added to the top coat to create an anti-slip concrete coating that is safe and looks great.

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