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What is QRR epoxy bonded stone?

QRR epoxy bonded stone is natural river stone thoroughly mixed and completely coated with our clear epoxy resin. The specially formulated epoxy brings out the color of the stone, gives it a glossy finish, while also bonding it tightly together and to the substrate. All QRR stone products are screened to precise specifications, washed thoroughly, and dried. The QRR epoxy system is mixed on the job-site where each installation is hand-trowelled to a level, smooth finish, while conforming to the pitch of the existing base for excellent epoxy floor coating.

Benefits of QRR epoxy stone system

  • Easy to maintain – An occasional wash with a hose will keep the surface clean. Rain is a natural means of cleaning. Indoors, a strong vacuum can also be used on your epoxy flooring.
  • Durability – Fully cured, QRR epoxy is many times stronger than concrete itself. Thus it is able to withstand automobile traffic and freeze-thaw effect of winter.
  • Chemical resistance – Household chemicals, oil, salt, etc. will not harm the surface. Stains are easily removed. Heavy amounts of salt can be used to remove ice build-up without any effects.
  • Eliminate standing water – The porous surface eliminates puddling. Water actually runs through the surface, thus permitting the use of the existing drainage pattern.
  • Quick cure – Surface can be walked on the day after installation. QRR epoxy quickly cures, the amount of time it takes depends upon the temperature of the day.
  • Most installations are seamless
  • Flexibility – The elasticity of QRR epoxy allows for some expansion and contraction of the base for ideal epoxy floor coating.
  • Can be applied to vertical surfaces

How can epoxy floor coating work for you?

Whenever you may have a dull looking old or new concrete surface, QRR epoxy bonded stone coating can be applied. Whether it is a commercial or residential application, resurfacing with QRR epoxy bonded stone can save you money by avoiding the cost and inconvenience of concrete replacement. The system can also provide a solution to imperfections that are sometimes associated with a concrete surface. A wide variety of color and sizes in stone are available. Customized logos can be made to suit the desire of the customer. The inherent nature of the system, and installation process enable the customer to be his or her own designer.

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