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Are you looking for an improved concrete coating for your Bloomington home or business? Whether your current floor is old or new, Concrete Coating Systems (CCS) could be the perfect concrete contractor for you! Our system provides a solution to imperfections that are often found in worn out concrete surfaces. 

Concrete Coating Systems has been coating and restoring concrete floors for over 30 years. We maintain a hands on approach to every job, large or small, to ensure you receive a product and service that best fits your needs and expectations. All our services include a lifetime warranty on product and installation. Get started with any of our concrete coating services today by requesting a quote

Services We Offer in Bloomington MN

Garage Floor Coating Bloomington

Bloomington homeowners are always looking for additional ways to use their homes. Let your garage be used for more than just storing vehicles and tools by decorating and protecting it with a new garage floor coating. At Concrete Coating Systems, we offer multiple types of garage floor coatings that can help to turn your aged concrete floor into a destination that will look like a showroom. With a garage floor coating, you can fix basic imperfections like oil stains and cracks while adding a stylish shine that will last. 

Our Bloomington Garage Floor Coating service gives you a garage floor that is easy to maintain, resistant to chemicals, quick to cure, and is slip resistant. Find out more about our garage floor coating service

bloomington garage floor coating
Industrial Concrete Coating Bloomington

Industrial Concrete Coatings Bloomington

If your commercial facility has a worn down floor, it may be time to look into an industrial floor coating contractor. At Concrete Coating Systems, we’ve been in the business of coating and restoring industrial concrete floors since 1985. Our industrial concrete coating system creates a beautiful industrial floor that is tough and will look great for a long time to come. We also know that most businesses can’t afford to lose time by getting a new floor, so we help you out by offering 1 day installations, limiting the time your business is non-operating or less efficient. 

Our Industrial Concrete Floor Coating service gives you an industrial floor that is resistant to chemicals, low maintenance, fast to cure, and is slip resistant. Most installations will take as little as 1 day. Find out more about our industrial concrete coating service

Pool Deck Coating Bloomington

Anyone with a pool knows how popular your pool can be in the late spring and summer months. Living in Bloomington MN, it’s important that we take advantage of all the warm weather we get, because before long winter will be back in full effect. One way to ensure you’re able to get the most out of your pool is by upgrading your pool deck with safe and stylish concrete. We can take your bland pool deck and transform it into a go-to destination with a new pool deck coating! 

Our Burnsville Pool Deck Coating service gives you a pool deck that is easy to maintain, resistant to damage, looks great, and is slip resistant. We can also make sure that it is cool to the touch and won’t burn your feet! Find out more about our pool deck coating service

Pool Deck Coating Bloomington
Our Bloomington Concrete Coating company offers many more services! Be sure to check out our full list of services to find how we can help be the best concrete contractor, or contact us with any further questions. 

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From garage floor coating to pool deck coatings and industrial concrete installation, we’ve done it all!