Industrial Concrete Coatings

Industrial Floor Coating Contractor in Minnesota

Industrial Coatings in Minnesota

If you have a commercial facility where the flooring has seen its share of wear and tear over the years, it may be time to look into an industrial floor coating contractor in Minnesota. At Concrete Coating Systems (CCS), we’ve been in the business of coating and restoring industrial concrete services since way back in 1985. Our professionalism and experience sets us above the rest, and we’re always ready to take on new projects. 

We offer fast installation, helping you get back to full efficiency in no time. Our team of professionals can help you manage the project effectively without hurting your bottom line. To learn more about how we can help you, request your free quote today. 

Why Hire CCS for Your Industrial Coating Services?

Because we’ve been doing business in Minnesota for more than 30 years, we’ve amassed quite a bit of experience and a large list of satisfied customers. We’ve seen economic ups and downs, but yet we’ve been able to stay in business largely thanks to our incredible customers. Our industrial customers are the bedrock of our entire business, and we continue to strive to provide the highest level of service to these other business owners in the Minnesota area.

Whatever type of industrial floor coating you may be interested in, feel free to reach out to our team today to learn more. We’ll be happy to come to your facility, or commercial warehouse to see the condition of your concrete flooring to better understand what services you need.

Benefits of Industrial Coatings

Benefits of Industrial Concrete Coatings

Below are just a few of the many benefits of choosing to apply an industrial floor coating to your commercial facility.

  • Resistant to chemicals – Depending on your industry, there’s a good chance that your commercial floor will come into contact with some types of harsh chemicals from time to time. Bare concrete can absorb these chemicals, leading to staining and damage. Thanks to our commercial floor coatings, stains can be easily removed. Whether it’s oil, sand, household chemicals, or other materials, your concrete will be protected thanks to our rugged concrete coating systems.
  • Low maintenance – Maintaining your industrial floor is as simple as an occasional rinse with water followed by a squeeqee that’s provided by our team at CCS.
  • Slip resistant – Bare concrete can be extremely slippery, especially if it becomes wet. This can lead to liability concerns, especially in and around commercial facilities. When we put down an industrial floor coating, we’ll often mix in slip resistant material to help avoid slipping and sliding.
  • Fast cure process – One of the greatest benefits of our industrial floor coating materials is their fast cure time. Our installation process typically takes anywhere from 1-3 days and the surface usually can be walked on in just 24 hours.

1 Day Installations

When it comes to working on concrete, many business owners avoid projects like these because they think that the process could take multiple days. As a business owner, that could mean lots of money that you miss out on while you have to temporarily close down to get your concrete replaced. This time frame is accurate when it comes to concrete replacement, but you can’t say the same when it comes to industrial concrete coatings from our team at Concrete Coating Systems (CCS). Serving Minnesota, we can provide a coating that protects and boosts the look of concrete. The best part is our 1 day installation, which means your business will barely miss out!

Why Choose Polyureas Over Epoxy Hybrid Systems?

Polyurea Industrial InstallationAt Concrete Coating Systems, we currently use Polyureas as opposed to the epoxy hybrid systems that are used by many of our competitors. These materials offer a number of key benefits compared to epoxy systems, including:

  • Increased Strength – 4 times as strong
  • More Flexible – 98% more flexible
  • Improved Adhesion – Twice the adhesion

In addition to these benefits, the materials that we use for our commercial floor coatings can be installed in one day and allow you to return to service just 24 hours later.

Industrial Concrete Installation Projects

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If your industrial facility is in need of our commercial floor coatings, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today at 952-469-6496. Our office is located in Lakeville, MN, but we service a wide area and would be happy to come out to your facility to provide you with a free estimate as well as to show you some of the different materials that we use. We’re focused on using the highest quality materials, installed by experienced tradesmen who truly take pride in their work. To learn more about what has allowed Concrete Coating Systems to not only survive, but thrive over the past 30 years, give us a call today. We’d love to chat with you about our industrial concrete coatings and 1 day installation process.

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