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What is Concrete Coating?

What is Concrete CoatingAt Concrete Coating Systems, we go the extra mile to ensure that all of our customers know their options. When it comes to concrete coating, we want you to find the coating that matches you the best and really gets the most out of your money. It is for this reason that we start by answering the simpler question, “what is concrete coating?”

Warehouse Floor Coating Contractors

Warehouse Floor Coating ContractorsDo the workers or visitors of your warehouse regularly come to you complaining about the current state of your warehouse floor? Well, if you haven’t caught on yet, this may be something that you need to address. Before you ignore their complaints and recommendations because you fear the price tag to strengthen and revitalize your warehouse floor is too expensive, let our team at Concrete Coating Systems share with you our floor coating option. As a warehouse floor coating contractor, we’re excited to offer this much more affordable option to our clients instead of them having to invest in concrete floor replacement.

Indoor Concrete Coating Company

Indoor Concrete Coating CompanyAt Concrete Coating Systems, we provide high quality coatings anywhere that concrete is present. If you are searching for an indoor concrete coating company in Minnesota, look no further than our professionals here at Concrete Coating Systems. Often times, commercial flooring is made up of some type of concrete. If this happens to be your space, we highly suggest choosing one of our indoor concrete coatings for your floors. There are so many advantages to utilizing our concrete coating services.

Concrete Polishing Company Near You

Concrete Polishing Company Near MeHas the concrete on your property seen its better days? Does your outdated and worn down concrete take away from the overall look of your property? Well, before jumping to the conclusion that concrete replacement is your only option, it’s time for you to check out Concrete Coating Systems. As a concrete polishing company near you, we aim to revitalize the look and strength of your existing concrete without the high costs that come with concrete replacement.

Swimming Pool Color Concrete

Swimming Pool Color Concrete MNLiving through a Minnesota winter can make just about anyone dream of relaxing by the pool on a hot, sunny day. Indoor swimming pools and waterparks draw in crowds of people looking for fun in the water even when the weather outside is not so inviting. Safety can be a major concern around any in-ground pool or hot tub. Updating the look and safety aspects of the pool area can be as simple as having Concrete Coating Systems (CCS) expertly apply a slip resistant colored coating.

Stain Resistant Concrete Coating

Stain Resistant Concrete Coating MNLooking for strong, durable, long-lasting and stain resistant concrete coatings? At Concrete Coating Systems, we have just what you are looking for. Our concrete coatings are easy to maintain, are slip resistant and, dare we say, are stain resistant. If you are looking for quality stain resistant concrete coatings, your first and only call should be to Concrete Coating Systems. Whether you are wanting a concrete coating for personal or commercial use, our concrete coatings are ideal in any situation. If you’ve done any amount of research on concrete flooring, research will quickly tell you that concrete is an easily exposed, vulnerable and porous surface.

Slip Resistant Industrial Concrete Coating Company

Slip Resistant Industrial Concrete Coating Company MNConcrete Coating Systems uses only the highest quality materials when we install our slip resistant industrial concrete coatings. More than that, those high-quality materials are installed by our highly trained professionals who are committed to doing excellent work on every single job. Slip resistance on a concrete floor is a highly desired quality, whether your concrete floor is located in your garage, a basement, or inside your business or factory. Slip resistance adds a level of security that non-slip resistant floors simply cannot.

Concrete Coating Systems

Concrete Coating Systems MNFor over 20 years, Concrete Coating Systems (CCS) has been serving Minnesota residents with quality concrete coatings for a variety of different uses and needs. From cold, basement floors to scorching pool decks, if you have concrete floors, we have the perfect coating to match your lifestyle. Our concrete coatings are functional, durable and aesthetically appealing. If you’ve been searching for a quality concrete coating company, CCS should be your only choice.

Commercial Colored Concrete Coating Company

Commercial Colored Concrete Coating Company MNLooking for a way to bring a new look to your commercial properties’ concrete, while better protecting the concrete at the same time? Well, at Concrete Coating Systems (CCS), we’ve got you covered! We are a commercial colored concrete coating company that can restore your concrete and provide you with a fresh look all within the same overall project.