Concrete Coatings For Locker Room FloorsConcrete Coating Systems can give your locker room floor much needed new life.  If you are reading this, the chances are good that your current locker room floor is in need of some improvement.  You may even realize that your locker room floor is in a really bad state.  Wherever you are on that spectrum, we can help restore your locker room floor to its original condition and guarantee years more years of satisfaction.

Protect your Locker Room Floors

Of all the floors we are able to treat, locker room floors may take more of a beating than any other, with the possible exception of industrial garages.  Locker rooms are often hot and humid because of constantly running showers, and they are prone to the development of mold and bacteria as a result.  Despite even the most dedicated efforts to keep locker rooms sanitary, the constant attacks on the floors by the natural conditions of locker rooms mean that they will inevitably degrade.  Fortunately, we can help you.

Concrete Coating Systems will not only make your locker room floor more durable, but most professional coating jobs take very little time to complete.  That means that your locker room will be out of commission for only a very short period of time.  Conditions such as temperature and humidity can affect curing time of our coating systems, but it is rare that the amount of time it takes to complete a project proves to be a true inconvenience to our customers.  In all cases, we will inform you of the nature of the job and can provide a very accurate estimate of the time it will take to install the coating system and for the floor to be ready for your expected traffic.

Concrete Coating Solutions for Locker Room Floors

Locker room floors may not be under siege by harsh chemicals, oil spills, and heavy equipment, as would be the case with an industrial garage.  Still, locker room floors take a beating.  They tend not to be installed with longevity in mind, and over time they can begin to degrade every bit as quickly as the floor of an industrial garage.  To ensure the safety and health of the people who use your locker room, you want the assurance that your floor is not chipped and pitted. In addition, new concrete floor coating can prevent slipping and can also discourage the proliferation of bacteria and other threats to health.

Once installed, our coating systems are easy to clean and maintain.  That is one of the many benefits of a professionally installed floor coating.  The investment you make now is a reasonably priced one, and it helps you avoid more major problems down the road.

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