Concrete Coating Systems

Concrete Coating Systems MNFor over 20 years, Concrete Coating Systems (CCS) has been serving Minnesota residents with quality concrete coatings for a variety of different uses and needs. From cold, basement floors to scorching pool decks, if you have concrete floors, we have the perfect coating to match your lifestyle. Our concrete coatings are functional, durable and aesthetically appealing. If you’ve been searching for a quality concrete coating company, CCS should be your only choice.

Slip Resistance Coatings

Many of our past customers have come to us in the past for a floor that was slip resistant. At CCS, all of our floor coatings are made to be slip resistant, eliminating the risk of sliding or slipping. This benefit is especially useful for areas around the pool, down in the dark basement and with every commercial property that has concrete.

Chemical Resistance Coatings

Whether you are changing your oil out in the garage or working on a science project down in the basement, chemical resistant floors are essential. Our concrete coatings are impermeable to household chemicals and will not stain or become harmed. Oils and other chemicals are easily cleaned and wiped away, preventing any permanent stains or damages to your floor.

Low Maintenance Coatings

One of the greatest advantages to our concrete coatings is that they are incredibly easy to maintain. Whether you are cleaning up a mess or notice a bit of debris on the ground, our floors are easily cleaned when it is rinsed off with water and then simply cleaned with a squeegee that we provide.

Fast Turnaround Times

Many homes and businesses have prolonged a concrete coating application because they are nervous about the time it may take away from their home or business. Fortunately, Concrete Coating Systems offers concrete coatings that cure very quickly. When you choose our team of professionals, we ensure that we take as little time from you as possible. Installation takes between 1-3 days depending on the extent of the surface. Once installation is complete, the surface can be walked on the next day and can be even be driven on after 24 hours.

Concrete Coating Systems with a Lifetime Warranty

The best part about using Concrete Coating Systems is that we do quality work that we guarantee will last a lifetime. Since 1985, we have been working to create a quality product that meets our customers’ needs. All of our services include a lifetime warranty for both the product and installation. If you are ready to get your concrete coated, come discover the many benefits here at Concrete Coating Systems. For more information, give us a call today at 952-469-6496.