Warehouse Floor Coating Contractors

Warehouse Floor Coating ContractorsDo the workers or visitors of your warehouse regularly come to you complaining about the current state of your warehouse floor? Have you had problems with unsafe conditions like slipping, or ever wondered how other warehouses keep their floors so bright? Well, if you haven’t caught on yet, this may be something that you need to address. Before you ignore their complaints and recommendations because you fear the price tag to strengthen and revitalize your warehouse floor is too expensive, let our team at Concrete Coating Systems share with you our warehouse floor coating option. As a warehouse floor coating contractor, we’re excited to offer this much more affordable option to our clients instead of them having to invest in a concrete floor replacement.

Strengthen & Enhance the Warehouse Floor

As the saying goes, our warehouse floor coating application kills two birds with one stone. This application is able to strengthen your existing warehouse floor while also beautifying it. Since 1985, Concrete Coating Systems has been able to help warehouse managers with an effective way to strengthen, protect and revitalize their existing warehouse floor. So, what are you waiting on?

Our Effective Warehouse Floor Coating Process

At Concrete Coating Systems, we do not skip any steps when it comes to our warehouse floor coating process.

  1. The first step is to prepare your warehouse floor to make sure that the coating properly adheres.
  2. Next, one of our warehouse floor repair specialists will identify and fix any damage that you may be dealing with, such as cracks, holes or uneven flooring.
  3. From there, we’ll apply our proven and long lasting warehouse floor coating which is composed of high quality polyurea materials.
  4. After this coating cures, a top coat will be applied to your warehouse floor, which helps prevent any slipping from occurring in the future.


Warehouse Floor Cleaning Made Easy

One of the best parts of our process is that it leaves you with an easy to clean surface. Warehouse floors take a beating, and many traditional concrete installations will be tattered and stained very quickly. Not only is our flooring durable and resistant to cracks or holes, it is also unlikely to stain.

Best of all, our installations are backed with a lifetime limited warranty. Even if something does happen to your floor, it’s super easy to replace.

Free Warehouse Floor Coating Estimate

If you’re concerned about how much a warehouse floor coating will cost you, our customer service team at Concrete Coating Systems has you covered. We offer all of our potential clients a free warehouse floor coating estimate so that you are fully aware of the costs around your project before you actually commit to any of the work. Based on past feedback from other customers and our affordable pricing, we’re confident that you’ll be very pleased with the results that you find when reviewing your free estimate.

It is time for you to finally take action on the complaints that you have received regarding your existing warehouse floor. To request a free estimate on our affordable warehouse floor coating application, give our contractors at Concrete Coating Systems a call today at (952) 469-6496.