Slip Resistant Industrial Concrete Coating Company

Slip Resistant Industrial Concrete Coating Company MNConcrete Coating Systems uses only the highest quality materials when we install our slip resistant industrial concrete coatings. More than that, those high-quality materials are installed by our highly trained professionals who are committed to doing excellent work on every single job. Slip resistance on a concrete floor is a highly desired quality, whether your concrete floor is located in your garage, a basement, or inside your business or factory. Slip resistance adds a level of security that non-slip resistant floors simply cannot.

Benefits of Slip Resistant Concrete Coating

If you are noticing that your concrete floors are showing signs of degradation—such as developing cracks and pits—it is probably time to have them repaired. Cracking and pitting are more than just unsightly; they also pose safety concerns that, when left unchecked, grow to become real safety risks. If the current condition of your floor makes it difficult to level the pool table in your basement, you can likely consider it just a minor inconvenience. When those cracks spread and chunks of concrete begin to dislodge, safety becomes a real concern. These problems can become extreme when cracks and pits are found in professional garages that hold cars or heavy tools. Also, they can become even more extreme in industrial settings.

Concrete Coating Systems will prepare your concrete floor by repairing all cracks and pits before applying our industrial slip resistant coating. In addition to providing slip resistance, our coating systems prevent damage from chemical spills and the abrasive qualities of dirt, grit, and sand. The epoxy coating is extremely hard and durable. So, having your concrete floor treated by CCS means that your floor will be protected for years to come. It may seem as though such extensive benefits would also require extensive time and extensive inconvenience during installation. Typically, however, installation takes only a few days. You can walk on your newly coated floor the after installation is complete, and it only takes a day or two longer for curing to be complete so that cars can be parked on it.

Experienced Industrial Concrete Coating Company

For all the functional benefits of our concrete coating systems, there are also esthetic benefits as well. We can offer a number of color and texture options so that your floor adds visual appeal to your property. Concrete flooring can withstand the demands of an industrial workplace, but it does not need to look like an industrial workplace. To discuss your options in greater detail, give CCS a call at 952-469-6496 or submit the form on our Contact page.