Polyurea Concrete Floor Coating Company South MetroIt is an unfortunate fact that as concrete floors age they surface is likely to deteriorate unless it has a highly protective coating to slow down the aging process. Wouldn’t we all like to have a flexible, waterproof barrier that could protect us from UV rays and abrasions? Concrete Coating Systems (CCS) has a high quality Polyurea product that is stronger than the epoxy floor coating that is often used by others. Polyurea concrete floor coating provides many advantages when applied correctly. The coatings installation technicians at CCS can easily customize the finish by adding a unique color, logo or slip resistant additive to prevent skids, slips and falls. CCS services the south metro of Minneapolis and St Paul, Minnesota.

What is Polyurea Coating?

Many people mistake polyurea for an epoxy or polyurethane coating. They are similar, but they are not the same thing. So, what is polyurea? It is a coating material that was invented in the 1980s and used originally in the automotive and petroleum industries. Polyurea coatings can effectively prevent leaks and protect surfaces from damage.

High quality polyurea was quickly utilized in many other applications due to the ability to cure quickly and provide a long lasting, durable, waterproof coating. The natural progression for this remarkable product is to be used as a highly protective, seamless concrete floor coating material that can be professionally installed by Concrete Coating Systems (CCS).

Advantages of Polyurea Coating Materials

When you have a concrete floor that is showing signs of aging or a new concrete floor that you want to stay looking new, often the choice is between epoxy or polyurea coating materials. The following information on the advantages of polyurea coating products may help you to make an informed decision.

Epoxy Floor Coatings can make a concrete floor look nice once it has enough time to cure. An epoxy coating can fade, turn yellow, stick to hot tires, be stained or damaged from road salt or chemicals.

Polyurea Floor Coatings adheres seamlessly to concrete and cures very quickly to provide excellent protection after professional application. This waterproof coating is four times stronger than an epoxy hybrid product. It is impact resistant, fade resistant, UV light stable, resists stains, cracks and chemicals.

Polyurea Coated Concrete Floors can be customized to suit your needs by adding a color and slip resistant materials to prevent accidents. The attractive surface is very easy to maintain by rinsing off with water and a squeegee.

Multi Step Concrete Floor Coating Process

Concrete Coating Systems utilizes a multi-step process for application of polyurea concrete floor coatings.

1. Prepare the existing concrete floor to ensure maximum adhesion.

2. Repair cracks, holes or uneven areas of the concrete flooring to obtain a smooth surface.

3. Application of a high quality polyurea material that provides a stronger, more flexible, protective coating than other concrete floor coating products.

4. Apply a slip resistant top coat for safety and convenience.

Polyurea Coating Application Experts

With the many practical advantages provided by Polyurea concrete floor coatings, why would you choose anything else for your residential, commercial or industrial flooring? Concrete Coating Systems (CCS) strives to be the best in the industry. Our team provides a 4 step polyurea application process to ensure excellent results.

Contact Concrete Coating Systems (CCS) at: (952) 469-6496 to see for yourself why high quality polyurea coating materials are a top choice for concrete floors.