No-slip Concrete FloorConcrete Coating Systems (CCS) installs high quality and long lasting coating systems for your concrete floors. The concrete coating systems we install are also designed for people who want their concrete floors to be safe, sound, and slip-free.

Our crew follows a careful process for each and every job we take. When we apply our coating system to your concrete floor, we will first fill any cracks and pits in the floor and remove stains left behind by oil and other substances.  As a final measure, we will add a slip-resistant substance to the top coat to ensure that your beautiful new concrete floor will not cause the people who walk on it to think that you have installed an ice rink.  The reality is that uncoated concrete floors can cause slipping.  If you want your floor to function as you hope, the non-slip material that we add to the top coat will not only prevent you from slipping and sliding, it will fill you with a sense of security.

No-slip Concrete Floor

The non-slip feature to our coating systems comes in handy for residential concrete floors, of course, but it may be an absolute necessity for you if the coating system we are applying is to your commercial concrete floor.  The benefits of a no-slip surface cannot be overstated.  You can walk on the floor without fear of slipping and falling and you can use the floor for safe storage of your business’s materials with greater assurance that they can be moved with lower risk.  A no-slip surface can also provide an added sense of security against the possibility of many different types of accidents.

Non-Slip Concrete Flooring Lakeville

Our crew has worked hard to make CCS the best choice for people who want their homes and businesses to look great from the floor up.  Our reputation has been built on professional expertise and respect for our customers.  We install concrete coating systems with professionalism and our clients have come to rely on our attention to detail.  Of equal importance is their knowledge of, and confidence in, our commitment to top-notch customer service.  We fulfill our promises, and we strive to be as reliable as the no-slip coating that provides such a powerful symbol of our work.

The no-slip feature of our coating systems is a necessary and reliable component of the service we will provide for you.  For more information or to schedule a time for our crew to install a no-slip concrete coating system on your floor, call us at 952-469-6496.