Industrial Floor Coating Color Options

Industrial Floor Coating Color Options

Since 1985, Concrete Coating Systems has been applying industrial floor coatings that have left many Minnesota business owners extremely satisfied with their flooring. Our company strives to always stay up to date with our latest techniques and the latest materials we offer. In the past 30 years, floor coatings have come a long way. There are now numerous concrete industrial floor coating color options for our customers to choose from. If you are looking for a quality industrial floor coating with plenty of color options that match your business, Concrete Coating Systems is right for you.

Industrial Floor Coating Company

With over 30 years of experience, we have industrial floor coatings down to a science. Our owners are frequently performing the coatings themselves, taking on a completely hands-on, involved approach. No project is too big or small. Whether you need a portion of your property coated, or the entire property, we do a quality coating every time. Using only the highest grade materials and skilled installers, we are proud to offer a lifetime warranty for all of our coatings. This covers any separation from the concrete, peeling or blistering. We are here to provide you a permanent solution to your industrial floor needs.

Why Polyureas?

Before we divulge into our numerous color options for industrial floor coatings, it’s important to go over our material. Industrial companies need to have strong, industrial-strength floors. For this reason, Concrete Coating Systems uses Polyureas material versus the epoxy hybrid systems that other coating companies may use. We use this quality material as it is shown to be four times as strong as other materials, 98% more flexible and has twice the adhesion ability. Additionally, the application of polyureas only takes one day to apply and 24 hours to dry! This means that you can get back to work as quickly as possible!

Six Beautiful Color Options

Currently, we have six professional industrial floor coating color options that can add extreme value to your property. From a combinations of blacks, greys, beiges, browns and even hints of red, you’ll be sure to find a color scheme that is perfect for your business. The following industrial floor coating color options include:

● Cork
● Cream
● Autumn
● Beige
● Gravel
● Domino

Ready to learn more? For more information about our industrial floor coating color options, call Concrete Coating Systems at 952-469-6496 and ask about how we can help you today!