Industrial Concrete Coatings – Offering 1 Day Installations

Industrial Concrete Coatings 1 Day Installation | Commercial Building Concrete Floor Coatings Installer MNWhen it comes to working on concrete, many business owners shy away from this project because they believe that the process takes multiple days. As a business owner, that could mean lots of money that you miss out on while you have to temporarily close down to get your concrete replaced. This timeframe is accurate when it comes to concrete replacement, but you can’t say the same when it comes to industrial concrete coatings from our team at Concrete Coating Systems (CCS). Serving Minnesota, we can provide a coating that protects and boosts the look of your concrete. The best thing about it is that we offer 1 day installations.

Minimal Interruption When Applying Concrete Coatings

At Concrete Coating Systems, we’ve been an industrial concrete coating company since 1985. One reason why we’ve developed such a large clientele is due to our quick installation. We’re able to protect and restore the look of your concrete in just 1 day. This minimal interruption will allow you to get back on the concrete quickly. So, if we’re applying a concrete coating to your auto shop or warehouse floor, you’ll be able to rest easy at night knowing that our team at CCS will get your business back to being fully functional in no time! After just one day, your concrete will be able to be walked on.

Top of the Line Concrete Coating

The great thing about our industrial concrete coating services is that there is more than one benefit to choosing this option over concrete replacement. First, our concrete coating services come at just a fraction of the cost that concrete replacement will run you. This coating is extremely easy to maintain as it only needs a rinse with water and a squeegee clean every so often. Our industrial concrete coating is also chemical resistant, which means that household chemicals, oil, salt and sand will not stain or wear down this coating. Last but not least, your concrete will be slip resistant to help protect you and any potential clients that walk on your concrete.

As a business owner in Minnesota, the thought of being able to protect and beautify your concrete through a 1 day installation more than likely sounds appealing. That’s exactly what you get by investing in industrial concrete coating from Concrete Coating Systems. We’ll be able to bring a brand new look to your concrete while causing minimal interruption for your business. To learn more about our top of the line concrete coating, give us a call today at (952) 469-6496.