Indoor Concrete Coating Company

Indoor Concrete Coating CompanyAt Concrete Coating Systems, we provide high quality coatings anywhere that concrete is present. If you are searching for an indoor concrete coating company in Minnesota, look no further than our professionals here at Concrete Coating Systems.

Concrete Coating for Indoor Flooring

Often times, commercial flooring is made up of some type of concrete. If this happens to be your space, we highly suggest choosing one of our indoor concrete coatings for your floors. There are so many advantages to utilizing our concrete coating services. First and foremost, we believe that one of the largest advantages our indoor concrete coating company provides is safety.

Slip Resistant Concrete Coatings | Safety First

Our coatings are made to be slip resistant. With all of our coatings, especially indoor coatings, we add a slip resistant top coating to eliminate the chance of slipping and sliding on the floors. Safety is never compromised with our quality coatings.

Long-Lasting Concrete Coatings | Quality Flooring

The quality of our floor coating is remarkable. Since 1985, we have been an indoor concrete coating company that strives to offer the highest quality coatings on the market. We use only the highest quality materials and all of our installers are trained and skilled to provide you with the perfect coating every single time. We are so confident in our floor coatings that we offer a lifetime warranty on all of our work should it ever begin to blister or peel.

Customizable Concrete Coatings | Beautiful Floors

When you have indoor floors, the aesthetic appeal becomes extremely important. Every floor coating we perform is done with the customer in mind. We offer a variety of color and design options to fit all different styles for your space. Whether you are looking for something more modern or traditional, our floor coating options have got you covered.

Quick Installation of Indoor Concrete Floor Coatings

Before we complete any indoor floor coating project, we complete a pre-coating process that will ensure a quality coating every time. The first thing we like to do is prep the floors so that our coating will properly adhere to them. Next, we will then look for flaws. We will fix any areas that may look uneven or rough so that when your coating solution is applied, it will be as smooth as butter. Once the floor is fully prepped and smooth, we will apply our high quality coating. We will then wait to apply the slip resistant top coat material once the coating has cured.

No matter what type of indoor floor coating application you may need, Concrete Coating Systems has got your covered. For more information about our indoor concrete coating company, give us a call today at 952-469-6496.