Garage Floors

Your floor with CCS

If you have a garage, shop or warehouse floor, old or new, that is cracked, stained with vehicle fluids or has pits in the floor CCS is perfect for you. This system can also provide a solution to imperfections that are sometimes associated with a concrete surface. Once applied, it also protects the floor from salt, sand and vehicle fluids.

Benefits to your floor

Easy to Maintain

An occasional wash with a hose will keep surface clean

Chemical Resistance

Household chemicals, oil, salt, sand, etc., will not harm the surface. Stains are easily removed.

Quick Cure

CCS cures quickly, Installation takes 2-3 days. Typically, the surface can be walked on thed ay after installation and 72 hours for vehical traffic.

Slip Resistant

Slip resistant material is added to the epoxy to eliminate slipping and sliding.