Experienced Concrete Coating and Restoration CompanyQRR epoxy bonded stone is a great way to add new life to a dull or old looking concrete surface on your property. It can be used as an alternative to concrete replacement, saving you money and time. QRR epoxy bonded stone is natural river stone that is thoroughly mixed and coated with QRR’s clear epoxy resin. This epoxy brings out the natural color of the stone, and gives it a glossy finish. Concrete Coating Systems (CCS) specializes in QRR epoxy bonded stone installation, offering a wide variety of stone, and even customized designs to add aesthetic appeal to the area. Our team has more than 30 years of experience in the coating and restoration business and we bring high quality service, professionalism and customer care to each and every job.

Benefits of QRR Epoxy Bonded Stone

There are many benefits to choosing QRR epoxy bonded stone on your next concrete flooring project:

Design Your Own Look: With so many colors and sizes of stone available, you have a lot of options when it comes to the look of your new floor.
Low maintenance: QRR epoxy bonded stone is very easy to clean and maintain – all you need is a garden hose! No scrubbing required!
Strong and Durable: QRR epoxy bonded stone is also very strong and durable. In fact, QRR epoxy is actually stronger than concrete and is not generally impacted by the extremes of weather. You can be confident that it will last for many years to come.
Resistant to chemicals: Unlike concrete, QRR epoxy bonded stone is not harmed by household chemicals and stains are very easily removed.
Improves drainage: The porous surface of bonded stone allows water to run through the surface, improving the drainage in the area.
Fast installation: A QRR epoxy bonded stone job can be completed quickly and the fast curing process allows you to walk on the surface usually within a day of installation.

Experienced Concrete Coating and Restoration Company

If you are interested in learning more about the advantages of QRR epoxy bonded stone and find out whether it would work as an alternative to concrete replacement on your commercial or residential property, contact the team at Concrete Coating Systems. CCS is a leader in coating and restoring concrete floors. We stand behind our work, offering a lifetime warranty on both our products and installation. Call us at 952-469-6496 for more information.