Concrete Floor Coating Installers Burnsville, MN

Concrete Floor Coating Installers Burnsville, MNWhen is the last time that you took a detailed look at the shape of the concrete floor around your Burnsville, MN property? If you haven’t evaluated your concrete floor, don’t wait any longer. Whether you have concrete floor in your garage, a warehouse around your pool, etc., it is important that your concrete floor is in good shape. If the concrete floor on your property could use a facelift, our team at Concrete Coating Systems is your ideal concrete floor coating installer. Concrete replacement isn’t always the answer. Instead, let us provide you with concrete floor coating that is affordable and will last a long time. Is your concrete floor in tuff shape? Not sure it can be repaired? Let us give you a free no obligation estimate. Many Burnsville homeowners have been AMAZED at what their torn up concrete floor looks like today!

Polytek Concrete Floor Coating

The truth is that not all concrete floor coatings are created equal. Don’t fall into the trap of hiring a concrete floor coating installer that doesn’t place enough emphasis on quality coating materials. At Concrete Coating Systems, we utilize Polytek concrete surface coating, which utilizes the highest concrete ingredients on the market. This concrete coating material can be counted on to last for decades.

Polytek Concrete Floor Coating Installers

Our concrete floor coating installers back their work with diverse experience dating back to 1985. Over the last 30 plus years, we’ve handled a wide range of concrete floor coating installs both big and small. Nothing makes our installation team happier than seeing the smile on our clients’ faces after our work is complete. To top it off, our concrete floor coating product and installation is backed by a warranty to provide our clients with extra peace of mind.

Perks of your Polytek Concrete Floor Coating

Concrete replacement is extremely expensive. Rather than spending tons of money on concrete replacement, why not invest in reliable and long lasting concrete floor coating from Concrete Coating Systems? Some of the additional perks that our Polytek concrete floor coating provide include:

  • Simple maintenance. Simple mop your new floor with water and soap…that simple.
  • Quick professional installation. Or installers start and finish on the same day.
  • Chemical and stain resistant. Once installed, your floor looks new and stays that way.
  • Slip resistant. A big plus especially in Minnesota in the winter
  • Gets rid of the imperfections that exist within your concrete such as stains and salt or sand buildup.

So, if your existing concrete could use some tender love and care, it is time to contact our dedicated staff at Concrete Coating Systems. To request a quote from our installers on effective and affordable Polytek concrete floor coating, give us a call today at (952) 469-6496. You’ll be able to protect and boost the look of your existing concrete without having to replace your concrete.