Concrete Coating Flooring Application Company

Concrete Coating Flooring Application CompanyWhen your car begins to show signs of weather-wear, you probably get it deep-cleaned and apply a coat of wax or polish.  When your house’s paint job begins to fade, you get it painted.  The theme here is that when the expensive investments you make begin to suffer surface damage, you add a layer of protection to make your investment last.  The same kind of phenomenon occurs with our floors.  In fact, if you have hardwood floors and they begin to show wear and tear, you treat them with oil or sand them down and re-stain them.  So why would you not treat your concrete floors with the same attention to add to their long-term vitality?

Protect your Concrete Flooring

Concrete is an incredibly durable substance, but it is not immune to the effects of time, water, pressure, friction, abrasion, and other forces.  If you park your cars on your garage floor, the weight of your vehicle will take a toll on the floor.  If you keep heavy equipment in your garage, or if items on your shelves occasionally fall, the floor can become chipped, cracked and scratched. If the concrete floor you are considering having treated is part of a business, it is likely that heavy equipment, machinery, and even heavier vehicles are taking a toll on the floor.  The damage done to concrete floors is more than cosmetic.  Small cracks become large cracks, and then those cracks begin to expand and chip away at the margins, creating damage that can eventually lead to safety concerns.  If untreated for a long enough period of time, concrete flooring that goes unrepaired can eventually even become unusable.

Concrete Coating Flooring Application Company

Fortunately, Concrete Coating Systems (CCS) is a concrete coating flooring application company that is able to prevent the worst from happening to your concrete floors.  If you have noticed cracking, chipping, and/or pitting of your concrete floors, our concrete coating application process can return your investment to its original state. In fact, an application of our concrete coating will make your concrete floors stronger than they were when they were first installed.  Our coating process cures and hardens quickly, so inconvenience to your daily routine is minimal.

Experienced Concrete Coating Flooring Application Company

CCS offers a variety of color and pattern choices for you to choose from for your floors.  When you work with us, you can always count on getting the best possible customer service, the highest quality coating installation and the best price. We value the experience of our clients and work diligently to ensure that they understand our application process every step of the way.  We are also happy to offer you a free quote.  Give us a call at 952-469-6496 to speak with a member of our team.