Commercial Building Floor Contractor

Commercial Building Floor ContractorConcrete Coating Systems (CCS) is the premier commercial building floor contractor.  If you own a business of any kind, our concrete coating systems can lend strength and durability to your shop floor and increase efficiency and profits in the long run.  Working with CCS to install a concrete coating system is an important investment that many commercial businesses have made, and we hope that you will consider doing so too.

Affordable, High Quality Concrete Coating for your Business’ Floor

Concrete Coating Systems has earned a positive reputation because of our commitment to excellent customer service in addition to applying high quality concrete coating systems.  If you own a business or have primary responsibility for the day-to-day operations of a business, you likely understand the importance of uninterrupted operations of your facility.  The initial investment of installing a concrete coating system to your commercial floor is a relatively small one when compared to the time and money you will save over time.  Our installation process offers minimal interruption of your operations.  We can complete the entire installation job in a matter of a few days.  Of course, the specific amount of time is dependent on the size of your floor.  In most cases, from application to final curing, you can plan to use your floor for its intended purposes after only a few days.

In addition, our pricing for our work is very competitive. We strive to succeed because we offer competitive pricing, an excellent product, and customer loyalty.  The only way to achieve those goals is to gain the trust of our customers.  We have done so with our current client list, and we would love to add your company to that roster.

Concrete Coating Installation Process

In most cases, our concrete coating installation process involves the following steps:

  • We start by preparing your floor which ensures that the coating will adhere properly.
  • Next, we take care of necessary repairs to your floor. Chips, cracks, and holes are filled which guarantees that the coating will be smooth and evenly applied.
  • When the floor is ready, we apply the polyurea floor coatings that we are known for. By comparison, most other concrete coating companies offer epoxy coatings, which are not as strong as our preferred polyurea coatings.
  • Finally, we apply a top-coat once the polyurea has thoroughly cured. The top-coat includes a slip-resistant material to maximize sure-footedness.

For more information about the concrete coating options for your business’ flooring, call Concrete Coating Systems at 952-469-6496 to speak with a member of our team.