Colored No-Slip Concrete Coating CompanyThere is really no reason to give up style, durability or ease of maintenance when you need a concrete surface to be non-slip. Concrete Coating Systems (CCS) is a company that provides numerous color choices in our line of anti-slip floor coatings. Our products are perfectly formulated for indoor and outdoor use. We utilize the highest grade materials that provide a highly protective and durable solution for pool decks, locker rooms, steps, patios, warehouse applications and more. CCS provides professional quick cure installation of colored no-slip concrete coatings formulated to resist mold and mildew and clean up beautifully. There are many style and color choices to fit your safety needs and budget.

Anti-Slip Skid-Resistant Surface Coatings

It is not difficult to see why many businesses require a surface protection that is skid and slip resistant. When visiting a pool for example, you never want to worry about an accidental fall onto concrete because of a slippery floor. Likewise, hard working individuals in an industrial or warehouse setting may require special footwear to reduce the chances of a workplace injury. Anti-slip concrete coatings add an extra layer of protection for a very reasonable price.

• Pool Decks
• Warehouse Flooring
• Outdoor Concrete Patios
• Concrete Steps
• Indoor or Outdoor Ramps
• Restroom Flooring
• Walkways
• Locker Room Floors
• Industrial Floors
• Garage Floor
• Commercial Buildings

Polyurea Concrete Coating Color Options

Having a beautiful concrete floor saver may be much easier than you think. Concrete Coating Systems offers gorgeous color options that can be used to enhance the flooring without being slippery. The quick cure process allows for very little down time while you want for the style transformation to take place. Our concrete floor experts can help you to choose the best type of coating system for your individual project whether the application is for interior or exterior usage.

• Autumn Color Flooring Option
• Beige Variations in Colored Concrete Coating
• Cream Variety Floor Coatings
• Cork Looking Concrete Coating
• Domino Contrast Coating
• Gravel Surface Coating for Concrete

Colored No-Slip Concrete Coating Company

You can count on the experts at Concrete Coating Systems (CCS) to provide you with the best solutions for colored, concrete floors. With the winning combination of safety, convenience, durability and price, why look anywhere else than a company that delivers with attractive colors for no-slip floor coatings that last? Interior or outdoor concrete surfaces can be fabulous rather than hazardous with a skid-resistant, non-slippery coating from CCS that is easy keep looking great.

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