Colored Garage Floor Coating CompanyConcrete Coating Systems can turn your discolored, drab, stained garage floor into something beautiful and something to be proud of. We have the experience and expertise with the various components of concrete coating systems to transform your current garage floor from its present state to a shiny, textured, and aesthetically pleasing showpiece in many different colors. As more and more people decide to use their garages as work spaces or recreation rooms, the only way to complete the project is by giving it a floor that transcends the limits of the standard eye-sore. If you are located in the twin Cities South Metro, Give us a call today at 952-469-6496. We can answer any questions you may have.

Colored Garage Floor Coating Company

You may also still use your garage as a place to store your vehicles. If you take pride in your ride, maybe you also want a colorful backdrop for your vehicles. In such cases, your garage floor is a good candidate for a makeover by Concrete Coating Systems. Even if you do not plan to use your garage as a place to watch the big game or show off your vintage remodel, but instead plan to use it like an old-fashioned garage, we can help protect your floor by giving it the kind of coating treatment that has given us such a stellar reputation for craftsmanship and customer service.

Protect the Floor of your Garage

If your current garage floor was installed by your home’s builder, the chances are good that it is composed of untreated concrete. This is not uncommon, in fact most garage floors are made of untreated concrete. And that is why so many garage floors end up getting damaged in a relatively short period of time. A concrete coating system installed by CCS, however, will guard against the chipping and cracking that almost always occurs with unreinforced concrete floors. Those floors are simply not made with material that can stand up to the weight and pressure of automobiles, machinery, and heavy storage units, not to mention the oil and chemical spills that stain and further degrade the original concrete.

The concrete coating process we apply will protect your floor from stains and strengthen it against cracking, chipping, and pitting. Best of all, maintenance of our coating systems is simple and easy—a periodic washing is all that is necessary to keep the coating in excellent shape. As a result, your garage floor will have gained strength and durability, two important qualities for longevity that builder-provided garage floors simply cannot provide.

Experienced Concrete Coating Company

Concrete Coating Systems is happy to provide you with a free quote. If you are ready to discuss the possibilities for your new garage floor, including adding color to the area, give us a call at 952-469-6496 and we will respond to your request promptly.