Colored Concrete Flooring

Colored Concrete FlooringAt Concrete Coating Systems, we believe it’s an exciting time to be in the floor industry. Floors have not only become a practical part of the home or business, but also an aesthetic, functional part of the space. At Concrete Coating Systems (CCS), we are proud to offer colored concrete flooring for both residential and commercial use.

Your Concrete Professionals

Since 1985, CCS has been serving our community with beautiful concrete coatings that has prolonged the life of the floors and protected them from salt, sand and even vehicle fluids. From pool decks to garages, CCS has done it all. Now, we are proud to offer beautiful colored concrete floors to help complete any look or feel in a home. No job is too big or too small and the results that you yield from beautiful concrete can be priceless. All of our colored concrete flooring is done with a one day application so that you can return to your space in just 24 hours! We offer a lifetime warranty on any separation, peeling or blistering which means that you get beautiful floors for life!

Color Charts

We are so excited to offer colored concrete flooring that will complement the look and feel of your space. Who said garages and basements were dull and drab? Not only will you have a functioning purpose for your flooring, but it will look aesthetically pleasing as well. Our six most common colored concrete floors include:

  • Cork
  • Cream
  • Autumn
  • Beige
  • Gravel
  • Domino

All of these different color schemes work well with a variety of different styles or visions for your space. While cork has more of a brown with black speckled undertone, cream tends to be lighter and holds an airy feel and autumn tosses in hints of red to draw the eye. Greys have been a popular fixture in both residential and commercial properties. Both gravel and domino color schemes bring out hues of grey and black that are sure to add a touch of elegance to any floor. Whatever type of style you are looking to create on your property, our color concrete coating will only add value.

For more information about our color concrete flooring or to view samples of our current color schemes, give us a call at Concrete Coating Systems today. Contact our concrete flooring professionals at 952-469-6496 and learn how you can upgrade and protect your concrete floors today!