Best Concrete Coating Company MN | Concrete Coating SystemsOf all the concrete coating companies you can find in St. Paul and South St. Paul, Minnesota, Concrete Coating Systems is the best.  How can we make such a bold statement?  We can make that statement not because we approach our work with arrogance, but because we have worked hard to make ourselves experts in the processes associated with applying coatings to concrete floors, garages, basements, pool decks, commercial businesses, and industrial settings.  We have earned our reputation, which is based on experience and a love for the work we do.

Concrete Coating Options

Concrete Coating OptionsThat experience allows us to offer you a wide range of options for your concrete floor’s coating.  We have a number of color and texture choices too, all of which add new and unique esthetics for the area to be serviced.  Such options may be especially appealing if you are renovating a basement or upgrading the area around your family pool.  If you are interested in strengthening the concrete floor of your business, esthetic appeal may be secondary to other more basic concerns.  But what is true of all our concrete coating options is that they add strength and durability to uncoated concrete floors.

Polyurea Floor Coating Installers MNWe also use polyureas instead of epoxy coatings because they are as much as four times stronger than epoxy systems, they are 98 percent more flexible than epoxy coatings, and they have two times the adhesive power of epoxy systems.  Additionally, our application process can be completed in just one day.

Polyurea coatings are also more resistant to stains, which is important for those who prefer a presentable garage floor or who own businesses whose floors take a beating.  Our concrete coatings are far more resistant than hybrid epoxy systems to the substances that tend to make their way onto garage and industrial floors.  Vehicles and other machinery inevitably leak oil and lubricants onto floors, which become more vulnerable to the chemical processes these substances introduce.  If your current coating is not strong enough, it will not be long before you begin to see chipping, flaking, and pitting, all of which are indicators of a failing floor.  A floor in the early stages of failure may only be an eyesore.  But over time, increasing damage to floors that hold parked vehicles or machinery could develop problems that are more than cosmetic.

Experienced Concrete Coating Company

Regardless of the current condition of your concrete floor, and whether its issues are cosmetic or safety-oriented, you want to know that the service provider you select has the experience and expertise to install a system that adds strength and durability to the floor that is treated.  Concrete Coating Systems has the experience and expertise that most other similar companies do not.  Our experience and expertise have also allowed us to develop efficiency in the application process.  We usually need no more than a total of three days to complete the coating process.  Conditions such as humidity and temperature will affect curing time, but it is rare that a project requires more than three days.

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