Basement Floor No-Slip Color Concrete Coating

Basement Floor No-Slip Color Concrete CoatingBasements have a wide variety of functions. Yours may be a game room, an extra “bonus” room where you and your family watch movies, a spare bedroom or maybe you use your basement for extra storage. If you are lucky enough to have a home with a basement, you likely enjoy the extra space and functionality it brings to your home. If your basement floors are not carpeted, it might be time to consider giving your basement floor an upgrade. Concrete Coating Systems can coat your basement floor with a no-slip color concrete coating that adds a unique style as well as a safe surface for whatever you use your basement for.

Coatings used by (CCS) have many benefits including:

1. Easy to maintain: When you add a concrete coating to your floor, you no longer need to spend time (and effort) cleaning your floors. The only maintenance that is needed is to periodically rinse your floor with water and absorb excess moisture with a squeegee.
2. Resistant to chemicals: Spills will be no problem with your newly coated basement floor. Cleaners, oil, and other chemicals will not harm your floor and a coated floor is much easier to keep clean.
3. Slip resistant: Slip resistance improves the overall safety of your flooring and keep you, your family and guests from slipping and falling.
4. Quick installation: Our team can install no-slip color concrete coating in approximately 1-3 days so you will not have to stay away from your basement space for long. You can expect to walk on the flooring one day after installation.
5. Visually appealing: You can add color and style to your basement floor without breaking the bank. We offer a wide variety of finishes and colors to complement your basement’s current decor.

High Quality Basement Floor Coatings

Concrete Coating Systems has been coating floors in the Minnesota area for more than 30 years. CCS strives to provide our customers with the best possible service, affordable pricing and high quality work. We stand behind our work and and this helps us stand out from the competition. We receive many customer referrals and appreciate each time a customer spreads the word about our work. If you are considering adding a new finish to your basement floor, call our team today at 942-469-6496 for a free consultation. We can explore the many options you have for a no-slip color concrete floor coating.