Basement Floor CoatingsWet, cold, dirty, and mildewy. These are all words that some of our previous customers used to described their basement before they got basement floor coatings. At Concrete Coating Systems, we always ask our customers what they think of their space before vs. after. Since 1985, we have been providing quality basement floor coatings for our community and surrounding areas. We look forward to taking every project we do from a place of disdain to a place that homeowners can truly enjoy. If you are looking for basement floor coatings, Concrete Coating Systems has you covered.

Utilizing Your Space

There is absolutely no reason why your basement should not be a comfortable space to enter. Afterall, it’s a large part of your home. Even if you plan to solely use your basement for storage purposes, a basement floor coating can immensely change both the look, feel and functionality of your space. Not only is it an attractive feature, but it is incredibly durable and a functional, cost effective floor to have.

Functionality of a Basement Floor Coating

As previously mentioned, customers typically will say their basement seems wet, dirty and cold. Like anything that doesn’t get a ton of light, darkness and moisture can build. When you choose to have a basement floor coating, you are eliminating those negative thoughts and adding lots of functionality. Basement floor coating that we install are all slip resistant. We don’t want anyone slipping and sliding on their basement and these floors help to prevent that. Additionally, our floor coatings are incredibly low maintenance. Make a mess? Spill some liquids? No worries! All you have to do is wipe that mess right on up. These coatings are extremely durable and require very little maintenance.

Stylish Flooring

Having a basement floor coating installed is also one of the most aesthetically pleasing choices you could make. At Concrete Coating Systems, we have a style and finish that will fit any style or space. Choose from our variety of finishes and colors so that your basement is finally the space you’ve always dreamed of.

If you are interested in our basement floor coatings, call us today. All of our coatings are backed by a lifetime warranty to give you the peace of mind that every home investment deserves. For more information or to schedule a free consultation on your basement, call Concrete Coating Systems today at 952-469-6496.