Auto Shop Floor Coating CompanyAuto shop professionals have a hard job to do day after day. The last thing a mechanic or auto body technician wants to worry about is floor beneath their feet. Choosing a slip resistant, stain resistant, protective floor coating system that lasts can provide a great return on your investment. Your customers will appreciate the professional presentation and staff will appreciate the easy maintenance of a floor concrete floor coating from Concrete Coating Systems (CCS). There are several factors to consider when selecting the best floor coating that is up for the challenges of the auto industry. The floor coating experts at CCS can provide you superior quality options to fit your time schedule and budget.

Choose the Best Automotive Business Floor Coating

Choosing the best type of flooring for an automotive business can be challenging. There are several factors to consider and different options that may prove to be beneficial or problematic. For instance, auto shop floors can see a high volume of traffic, vehicle fluid spills and a fast paced work environment in a competitive field of business. The first step in the process is to consult with an industry professional that understands the limitations and benefits of garage flooring products and materials.

Best Features of Automotive Industry Flooring

Slip Resistance is a must when working in an auto shop where vehicle fluids often spill on the garage floor. During winter months there is a high likelihood of snow tracking in and creating snowmelt puddles. Shop workers can be at risk for personal injury when working in these conditions.

Chemical Resistance is a floor coating feature that cannot be overlooked. Brake fluid, oil, antifreeze and road chemicals are all too common in the automotive repair business.

Easy Maintenance flooring saves you time and possibly money. The ability to quickly sweep up or hose off a shop floor and have it looking brand new is a great feature. Less time spent on floor maintenance is more time spent on shop work and customer service.

Hot Tire Lifting can cause considerable problems during the hottest days of summer. Businesses in the automotive industry understand that the epoxy or polyurea concrete floor coating must be able to handle vehicle traffic in all seasons of the year.

Quick Cure Installation Process means that your business has less down time waiting for the floor coating materials to cure. Garage and industrial floor coating products from Concrete Coating Systems are usually fully ready to resume traffic in 1 to 3 days.

Floor Color can be a big factor when you are trying to find a bolt or car part that has dropped on the floor. CCS has color options that are made to enhance the business aesthetics and productivity.

Durability is a big factor when choosing a floor coating system that is destined to take a beating over the course of business.

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Concrete Floor Coating Experts

Concrete Coating Systems (CCS) provides some of the highest quality floor coatings for the automotive industry. Auto repair garages, auto body shops, sales floors and the like require a floor coating that can shine under harsh conditions. You work hard and deserve a concrete floor coating that works just as hard for you. Call for a no-nonsense, free quote from our concrete floor coating experts.

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