Auto Shop Concrete Coating Contractor

Auto Shop Concrete Coating ContractorIf you own an auto shop, Concrete Coating Systems could be a valuable partner for you.  We understand the importance of optimal safety in the workplace, and for auto shops there is no more important safety component than a solid workspace floor.  Decades ago, it might have been typical for auto mechanics to do their work on dirt floors.  Dirt floors might have been good for absorbing fluids, but after that one quality, it becomes a list of hazards.  Fortunately, conditions for most auto shops improved, and the industry standard improved to hard-surfaced floors for most auto shops. Serving St Paul, MN and all the surrounding subburbs since 1985.

Benefits of Concrete Coating for Auto Shop Floors

Over time we have seen that even those advancements still do not always provide optimal flooring for auto shops.  Substandard floors invite hazards, which can include slipping in humid conditions, cracking and pitting under the heavy weight and pressure of machinery and the automobiles you are servicing; and staining when the inevitable liquid and chemical spills occur.  The concrete coating systems we apply strengthen your work surface by as much as four times the strength of untreated concrete floors.  When you are working with automobiles, often suspended in the air for underside access, you should feel confident about the surface on which you are working, never a feeling of uncertainty.

Auto Shop Concrete Coating Contractor

Your shop floor is without question the most important surface associated with your business.  It is the area where you want the greatest assurance of safety.  Working while knowing that you are quite unlikely to slip and fall becomes the norm with a concrete coating system that we apply.  Our systems last for a very long time and cleaning requires only an occasional hosing down of the surface.

Protect Your Concrete Flooring

If your current flooring system has cracks and pits, that damage will not improve.  The imperfections are only going to get deeper and bigger.  Concrete Coating Systems, however, can solve all of those problems for you and make them go away indefinitely.  We will fill in cracks and pits before applying the concrete coating.  If you are interested in creating a new look for your shop, you can also choose from a variety of colors and textural appearances for your coating system.  A new look to your auto shop floor can improve the outlook of your staff, which can result in greater productivity.  At the very least, the added safety provided by a new, chemical-resistant, and much stronger floor will inspire confidence in your staff.

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